Unveiling the Mysterious Interiors of Paldea in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG Set

A brand-new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet card with Fuecoco depicts the interior of a specific Paldea structure that players have not previously seen.

A fan noticed an intriguing feature in one of the first cards for the Pokemon Scarlet, and Violet set that will be available in the Pokemon TCG. One Redditor claimed that a card from the new collection featuring Fuecoco displayed a shop interior that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players cannot view in-game.

The next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG set will be on sale in Japan on March 10; a date has yet to be confirmed for its distribution in the West as of this writing. The Fuecoco card is an uncommon, full-art Basic Pokemon card from the “Triple Beat” set, along with Sprigatito and Quaxly. Scarlet and Violet, which will make significant adjustments to the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), from the gameplay to the card design, appears to usher in a new era for the card game. The card image, however, continues to be a source of conversation among players despite any changes to the card game itself.

On the r/PokemonScarletViolet subreddit, a member named endangered pokemon claimed that the interior of a Paldean supplies store, which players cannot explore in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, was shown on the Fuecoco card from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TCG set. The many supply and ingredient businesses are portrayed in the game as menus. Hence, players can only explore them if they can enter some buildings, such as the various sandwich shops, where players can go inside. 

A New Era for Pokemon TCG with the Reveal of Scarlet and Violet Set

This is unlike most previous Pokemon games, which portrayed the numerous stores and Poke Marts as either separate, explorable buildings or as a component of a Pokemon Center. Even if the Paldean Poke Mart is an example of the latter, other local stores like Chansey Supply cannot be investigated. This card has received a lot of attention because many fans have criticized Scarlet and Violet for not letting them explore the interiors of buildings.

On r/PokemonScarletViolet, the post from endangered pokemon gained more than 1.3k upvotes in just over a day. The Fuecoco is depicted on the card itself, munching on an apple while relaxing in its trainer’s knapsack. Additionally, the pokemon trainer pictured on the card is selecting some sandwich fixings and other goods. The card image is evocative of Mercadona, a well-known supermarket brand in Spain and Portugal, some readers in the comments noted.

While Pokemon TCG Online is getting ready to shut down, the new Scarlet and Violet TCG set was revealed. This action was taken to create room for Pokemon TCG Live, which was still in beta at the time of writing. As a new generation approaches, Pokemon TCG players and fans have much to discuss.

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