Pokemon Go Trainer Shocks Fans with Level 43 in Just 4 Months

A Pokemon Go trainer has stunned fans on Reddit after announcing that they reached Level 43 in the game barely four months after opening their account for the augmented reality game Pokemon Go. Regarding fast climbing levels in Pokemon Go, trainers need to carefully select when they use Lucky Eggs to assist in boosting their XP total while engaging in various activities within the game.

Once you reach level 40, the game requires you to perform a variety of new tasks and earn millions of experience points. A Reddit user named Leahsero announced on February 2 that they had somehow reached level 43 in Pokemon Go after only playing the game for four months.

Trainer in Pokemon Go quickly advances to level 43 in just over four months

Leahsero’s picture, posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit, illustrated the benefits of completing the challenging level in the game. They wrote, “SO HAPPY!” next to the picture they posted. Date of commencement: September 30, 2022.”

Shortly after the post was made, followers quickly began contributing comments in which they shared their reactions to the accomplishment. One player reacted by asking, “Are you telling me that you started like four months ago, and you’re already level 43??”

Another supporter voiced their surprise, stating, “Da*n, I thought I play a lot, and it took me the same amount of time only to move from 42 to 43.” LeahSero shared a screenshot of their trainer profile, which revealed September 30, 2022, as the beginning date of their account.

Within the first four months after creating their account, the trainer caught more than 53,000 Pokemon, traveled more than 2,500 kilometers on foot, and visited more than 25,000 PokeStops. You can see all of this activity depicted in the screenshot.

They also disclosed that they invest more than $40 every month in the game, which has proven to greatly assist them.

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