Dead Space Remake: Exploring the Easter Eggs and Mysteries of the Ishimura

Players are gaining a wealth of knowledge regarding the Dead Space Remake now that it has been made available to the public. Nothing could have adequately prepared me for the sea shanty in Dead Space, despite the horror game being chock full of riddles, easter eggs, and several strategies to improve your chances of surviving. And no, I’m not even partly joking.

You may complete the Dead Space sea shanties easter egg in the room with the break machines on Ishimura’s Bridge. There are some codes you need to combine and input while you are in the red circle in the break room, but thanks to YouTuber xGarbett, we now know that all you need to do is stomp and melee in a specific order. The picture shown below shows that the restrooms are located on the first floor of the building, while the bridge is located at the very front of the ship.

Uncovering the Dead Space Sea Shanty Easter Egg

The sequence is as follows: melee, stomp, melee, melee, stomp, melee, melee, melee, melee, melee, stomp. The Dead Space sea shanties audio log will then appear on the ground for you to pick up and listen to once you’ve completed this.

This easter egg in Dead Space may be one of my favorites for a very long time; it might even compete with the sea shanties in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Do you understand it? No. However, what about this? I say. After playing the Dead Space Remake, I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but for a short time, it makes the body horror-tinged catastrophe of the USG Ishimura look almost fun. I never thought I’d say that.

If you want to figure out the other Dead Place easter eggs that may be found in the same space, you should be aware that some spoilers are extremely small. There is a possibility of obtaining two power nodes if you enter the following code: melee, melee, stomp; melee, melee, stomp; melee, melee, stomp; melee, melee, stomp; stomp.

If you need even more help outfitting yourself on the Ishimura, we have broken down all the Dead Space schematic locations and Dead Space power node locations for you to use as a guide as you progress through the renowned halls and become stronger as a result of your exploration.

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