Overwatch 2 Season 3 Brings Back Credits for Enhanced In-Game Economy

Credits will be utilized once more in the Overwatch franchise with the release of OW2. The premium money from the first game, which was initially implemented as Legacy Credits, will be able to contribute to the in-game economy in a new and exciting way.

After the transition to Overwatch 2, Overwatch Credits and the loot boxes they were associated with were no longer available. However, there was no way to add more of them to a collection, even though they could still be utilized for certain transactions and were carried over from prior accounts as Legacy Credits.

However, beginning with Season 3, Blizzard will once again offer its well-known cash alternative while also extending the ways in which players can earn it.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 formally reintroduces Credits to the series

The developers detailed the precise operation of the returning functionality in a community update on January 31. The Season 3 Battle Pass allows all players to earn up to 1500 free rewards and an additional 500 credits in premium rewards. Additionally, we are expanding the uses for your Credits so you may select from various possible rewards,” they said.

As a result, Overwatch Coins, which are presently used to purchase the Battle Pass and cosmetics, will continue to work as usual. At the same time, Credits will provide fans with an additional method of unlocking stuff.

This confirms that Credits won’t bring loot boxes back into the fight and will instead be directly linked to the seasonal reward track. Changes will be made to Epic and Legendary skins regarding new uses. “First, before Overwatch 2 launches, almost all epic and legendary-tier skins will always be able to be purchased in the hero gallery using Overwatch Coins or Credits.

This includes skins from the seasonal event modes, so you may, at last, purchase Witch Mercy, Surf ‘N’ Splash Torbjörn, or Snowman Wrecking Ball whenever you want without having to wait for the event to occur! Second, we’re dropping these legendary skins’ normal price to 1500 Coins or Credits.

The update also stated that they are looking for “in the future” even additional methods to spend money and that the developers would be keeping an eye on user input to see what is and is not working when further changes are made.

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