Valorant Premier Mode to Have Global Beta and Connect to Pro Scene, Says Riot Games

Riot Games has stated that the Premier mode of Valorant, which is the competitive road to pro mode, will have a global beta to test out its capabilities and will begin at some point in the latter half of the year 2023.

Riot has already conducted tests of Premier mode on servers in Brazil and plans to expand those tests to other regions of the world. Andy Ho, the game director for Valorant, recently provided an update on the team-based competitive mode and discussed what players might anticipate shortly in a video announcement.

“This new challenge will ask you to build a team and participate throughout the Act in a series of weekly matches on defined maps,” it says in the description. Also, they have predetermined the terrain on which you will compete. “If you win enough of your Premier matches, you’ll earn your way into a playoff tournament at the end where you’ll compete to be called one of the top teams in your skill division,” Ho explained. “If you lose enough of your Premier matches, you won’t earn your way into the tournament.”

In addition, the beginning of Act III of Episode 6, which will likely take place sometime over the summer, will mark the beginning of the beta test. Also, the typical length of a Valorant Act is approximately three months, and the second Act of the Episode is scheduled to begin on March 6.

Valorant Premier will eventually establish a connection to the professional scene

According to Leo Faria, the Head of Valorant Esports at Riot, the mode will eventually feed into the professional side of Valorant, with the top teams from the game eventually feeding into VCT Challengers leagues. The developer of the method provided this information.

Faria stated that there would be no more open qualifier tournaments and that the process of becoming a professional would begin in-game. “And if you perform really well, Challengers might be an option for you in the future.” Faria did not disclose a date for when the open qualifier system will stop for the VCT Challengers leagues; moreover, based on when the mode will begin its beta testing, it is safe to say that this event will only occur for a while.

Riot’s other esports title, League of Legends, utilized a system very similar to this at the beginning of the game’s lifetime. The most successful teams on League of Legends’ competitive ladder were able to qualify for a second-tier league and compete for a spot in the top companies of the game.

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