Pokemon Go Players Express Dissatisfaction with Season 10, Rising Heroes

Players of Pokemon Go are already expressing a sense of dissatisfaction with the content that has been promised for the tenth and final season, Rising Heroes. The Rising Heroes season of Pokemon Go has begun, and along with it comes the introduction of new Timed Research tasks, Regieleki and Regidrago, and more.

Although there will undoubtedly be new content to look forward to during the season, Rising Heroes is the game’s tenth season of content. Some players are beginning to experience burnout due to the game’s constant updates. Several disappointed fans have expressed that they could be more impressed with the season’s offering and may take a break from the game for a while. This sentiment is especially prevalent after the troubled Pokemon Go Global Hoenn Tour event.

Players of Pokemon Go who are not impressed with Rising Heroes

A meme about Rising Heroes was included in a post on the subreddit dedicated to Pokemon Go. The season’s name was modified to “Dropping Motivation” on the graphic, and it mentioned a few meager additions, such as themed stickers and the continuation of Elite Raids.

Regrettably, many trainers agreed with the message and mentioned needing more motivation for the new content. Following the Hoenn competition, I decided to take a short hiatus. These new developments have not caused a shift in my perspective. One of the fans commented that they could no longer play the game since it had become so repetitive and because the new features were either stupid or inconvenient for the players.

Others expressed these thoughts and stated that they did not feel any compelling need to participate in Season 10’s games. “Nice! My wallet can now take a well-deserved breather, and I sincerely hope that Niantic gets their act together and gives us some quality material this year if they want to make a difference in the way people play their game.

The fact that Regieleki and Regidrago would be locked behind Elite Raids was one of the biggest letdowns for the player base when it was announced that Elite Raids would be making their triumphant comeback. Elite Raids received immediate backlash from the player community due to the complexity of the content.

Fans pointed to various other factors as explanations for their lack of excitement, such as an increase in the price of Remote Raid Passes and an increase in the number of paid Timed Research tasks. Even though some people have expressed excitement about the options that Rising Heroes will provide, it is evident that many Pokemon Go enthusiasts are not enthused about the game’s future.

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