Tracer’s Mythic Journey: Unlocking Overwatch 2’s Season 5 Skin and Styles

Blizzard has revealed the Mythic skin for Tracer that will be available during Season 5 of Overwatch and a new method for unlocking the skin’s various styles through the Battle Pass. Season 5 of Overwatch 2’s start date is June 13, and the developers have revealed which hero will be getting a Mythic skin as part of the Battle Pass this time. Season 5 is planned to begin.

The Mythic skin and its customizable versions were previously unlocked for players if they reached the final tier of the Battle Pass in previous seasons, but this will no longer be the case beginning with Season 5. Genji in Season 1 was the first DPS hero to receive a Mythic skin, and now Tracer is the second DPS hero to receive one. This is quite fitting, considering that Tracer is the face of the game.

A new Mythic skin for Overwatch 2 has been released for Season 5

Overwatch has released a new video stating that players could obtain the base model of skin in their Battle Pass beginning at Tier 45. They will be able to equip an Intermediate version after they reach Tier 65 and eventually a Complete variety once they reach Tier 80. Also, comparable to gaining levels in a role-playing game like the Diablo series published by Blizzard.

Tracer is depicted as an elf-like hero in the base model, with only a few additional elements added. In the Intermediate form, she wears a hood over her head, and in the Complete version, she is outfitted in full knight’s armor. The new Adventurer Tracer skin provides additional evidence that the season will have a fantasy-based focus; hence, we may anticipate seeing many more cosmetics that adhere to this design aesthetic once the new season goes live. In the days leading up to the premiere of Season 5, you can anticipate finding out more information about the season and the content that will be included.

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