Sjokz Temporarily Steps Away from LEC Hosting Duties for Self-Care and Recovery

Sjokz, a veteran in esports hosting and an icon in the game League of Legends, has decided to leave her position with the League of Legends Esports Championship (LEC). She cites exhaustion and personal issues as the reasons for her break. Since the beginning of the competitive League of Legends scene over a decade ago, Sjokz has been a host, an interviewer, and a pivotal character in the community. There aren’t many people who can brag that they’ve been working in the realm of esports broadcasting for such a significant amount of time.

Fans of the League of Legends Esports Championship (LEC) broadcast and foremost League of Legends tournaments such as the Masters Series Invitational (MSI) and Worlds are accustomed to seeing and hearing her during the most significant moments. Sjokz has been working as a host for various esports over the past few years, expanding her portfolio in the process. However, this has resulted in even more work for her, and because of this, she has decided to withdraw from the LEC Summer split and concentrate solely on herself for the time being. This will allow her to relax and prepare for the most important competitions in CS: GO, including Worlds 2023.

Sjokz withdraws from the LEC summer split 2023 competition

Regarding the LEC broadcast, Sjokz has virtually done it all. Hosting, interviewing, and coming up with broadcast skits, and monologues that amp up big player narratives, she generates and collaborates on a ton of content for the LEC. Fans of the show were disappointed to learn that she will no longer be participating in the LEC Summer split due to this. Still, many have expressed their support for the veteran broadcaster after hearing why she chose to walk away from the role.

Sjokz discussed how a mix of burnout and personal tragedy had taken its toll on her and how she had decided to step away from her position even though it was a “tough” decision. She also mentioned that she will miss her colleagues and the community. She will not be completely withdrawing from the broadcasting industry. She’s hoping to host several Counter-Strike tournaments, the LEC Season Finals, and eventually Worlds 2023.

The reaction from the community has been overwhelmingly supportive, with many members of the broadcast team, fans, and other prominent personalities in the esports world expressing their approval. Most people feel she should take as much time off as she needs to get better, which is how they think about her break.

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