Overwatch 2 Developers Tackle Game-Breaking Mercy Exploit in Paraiso Map

The designers of Overwatch 2 have intervened to put a halt to a game-breaking exploit that gives Mercy players the ability to spoil games completely. The Overwatch 2 YouTube user nsbunited published a video at the beginning of June demonstrating how Mercy players may “hold hostage” whole lobbies by significantly slowing down the game’s pace.

The support could decrease the frame rate for everyone by activating an exploit that allows Mercy players to utilize their staff and pistol animations simultaneously and then switch back to their staff. The developers have, thankfully, taken measures to prevent users from abusing the flaw, but it’s possible that some gamers won’t approve of the course of action they choose to take.

After players ruined games with the Mercy hack in Overwatch 2, the map was disabled

It’s worth noting that the glitch can only be used on one map, which is Paraiso. This is a piece of exciting information about the glitch. Therefore, the developers concluded that it would be preferable to delete the map altogether than to place restrictions on Mercy. The developers addressed the issue and detailed the course of action they chose to take in response to the bug’s discovery in a post published on the official forums. They said, “While we investigate a performance issue when certain heroes are played, we have removed the Paraiso map.”

It is only partially apparent whether this indicates that more than one hero could use the bug, and it is also noteworthy to note that the developers should have mentioned Mercy in the post. With the start of Season 5 coming up in a matter of days, it is still being determined whether or not the map will be reinstated in time for its release on June 13. Despite this, players can still look forward to various hero modifications in an upcoming patch, including adjustments to snipers, Lifeweaver, and many other heroes. This is the case even if the map is not reenabled.

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