Overwatch 2 Player Earns Battle Pass After 3 Seasons’ Weekly Tasks

After completing the game’s weekly tasks for three seasons in a row, a free-to-play Overwatch 2 player can finally buy a seasonal battle pass. With the recent shift of Overwatch into its sequel, the game has abandoned its conventional pricing structure as a AAA title. With the introduction of Overwatch 2, the game is now totally free to play, with numerous cosmetics serving as forms of revenue. They are frequently available in the store for Overwatch coins, a payment that may be made with actual money.

Together with this, the battle pass system took the place of Overwatch’s initial loot box in-game monetization method. By advancing through the track, battle passes provide players with a variety of rewards and cosmetics and frequently give both free and premium benefits to those who pay for the excellent way.

Overwatch 2’s battle passes cost 1000 Overwatch coins (about USD 10), and they provide players access to the premium track prizes. Although real-world money can be used to acquire battle passes, the game offers an alternative for players who don’t want to spend money on its cosmetics. When players accomplish all of the weekly tasks in Overwatch 2 for the week, they will receive 60 Overwatch coins.

Gamers were quick to criticize the game’s meager free incentives, saying that merely 60 Overwatch coins were insufficient. Theoretically, it would require 17 weeks for the player to accumulate enough Overwatch money to pay for one season’s battle pass. This entails completing weekly tasks for about three complete seasons in order to buy the next battle pass. And even though it might seem absurd, an Overwatch player achieved that.

After three seasons, a free-to-play Overwatch 2 player can purchase a battle pass

Yorinator114, an Overwatch player, completed weekly tasks to accumulate 1019 coins, precisely enough to buy the battle pass. The user was able to gather enough cash to be able to buy the battle pass if necessary, with around a month of Season 3 remaining.

This indicates that they needed 161 days to accumulate enough Overwatch money (since the release of Overwatch 2).

Many commenters were quick to point out that getting free Overwatch coins outside of Overwatch itself is more straightforward. Instead of grinding out the game’s numerous tasks, many people use Microsoft Rewards to farm their cash for the week. This is a recurrence of the previous year when people found that playing World of Warcraft and getting Overwatch skins there was quicker than playing the game itself.

With that said, Yorinator will be looking to spend their hard-earned credits to get the Season 4 battle pass. We’ll have to wait and see what that battle pass may bring, particularly with the new hero on the horizon.

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