TimTheTatman hints at the possible arrival of Ranked Mode in Warzone 2 sooner than expected

Activision has at long last disclosed the existence of a ranked mode for Warzone 2, and TimTheTatman has dropped hints that the way may become available sooner than some players anticipate.

On February 15, the second season of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 began, and on the same day, fans of the multiplayer mode finally got their hands on Ranked Play. The introduction of the new game mode was unfortunately overshadowed by crashes, which resulted in players receiving unjustified Skill Rating deductions and a one-hour restriction from playing the game.

Members of the community commended Treyarch for introducing essential changes to the game mode and delivering rewards worth grinding for, even though there were a few bugs. Ranked Play has been around for quite some time in online games, but Warzone fans have been demanding their very own dedicated competitive mode since the battle royale game was released in 2020. Fans of Warzone 2 were granted their wish when Activision announced that the game would feature a ranked way.

TimTheTatman makes a cryptic reference to the ranked timeline of Warzone 2

TimTheTatman explained why the introduction of ranked mode was the most important announcement in the Season 2 patch notes. “I am extremely excited that ranked mode is going to be added to Warzone and that we will finally get something to play for in terms of Warzone,” the player said. “It’s been a long time coming.” Tim has stated that in an ideal world, he would be thrilled if the ranked mode was added to Warzone 2 within the next month; however, he does not anticipate this would be the case.

Based on the battle pass for Season 2, we anticipate that Season 3 will start either on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, or Wednesday, April 12, 2023. Activision did not specify in the official blog post if the mode would be included in Season 3 or if it would be included in an upgrade later.

TimTheTatman explains, “As far as a timeframe is concerned, from what I have heard, it’s not as horrible as you all believe.” “I see some of you and the stuff you are saying, and I have heard a different chronology, but I’m not going to leak anything,” the speaker said. “I see some of you and the stuff you are saying.”

As for what he wants, Tim wants icons that are comparable to those used for the Ranked Play Skill Division in Modern Warfare 2, but with a few minor differences. He is also anticipating that the programmers will implement everything from the Ranked Play mode of MW2 into Warzone 2 with a few minor adjustments.

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