Free-Agent Team for NA ALGS Split 2 in Apex Legends Esports Welcomes Albralelie Back

Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith, Trenton ‘lou’ Clements, formerly of Sentinels, Paris ‘StayNaughty’ Gouzoulis, formerly of Cloud9, and the recently retired Aidan ‘rocker’ Grodin are going to compete in the North American eSports League Grand Series Split 2 together with free agents Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith and Paris ‘StayNaughty’ Gouzoul. Albralelie, the content creator for TSM, will be returning to the North American League of Legends Season after substituting for FaZe Clan during the last split.

The seasoned competitor will be joined by his former teammate from Cloud9. They go by the name StayNaughty after the esports organization withdrew from the competition. The veteran will also be joined by Lou. It was released from Sentinels due to his bad performance in Split 1. In a tweet sent out on February 16, Albralelie disclosed the identity of the squad competing under the codename “LAN.”

Another new squad to compete in the ALGS has been found by Albralelie

Although Albralelie’s previous team, FaZe Clan, was eliminated from the Split 1 Playoffs, he has lately been seen competing with CLG. Along with the team, he came in 20th place. StayNaughy hooked up with FaZe Clan for a few events before playing with you in a few other competitions while ALGS teams reloaded their squads for the second split. Lou was last spotted playing with a few different units since his departure from Sentinels after the first split.

In the game Apex Legends, Albralelie is a journeyman. The North American player began his career in 2019 and quickly joined TSM. He would go on to compete for the organization for more than a year before transitioning to steaming and standing for various teams during his career. He participated in the ALGS 2022 Championship with Cloud9, and the team finished 15th overall. StayNaughty was one of his teammates.

The achievement that brought him the most incredible notoriety was winning the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational while playing for TSM. One year later, he decided to transition into content creation by becoming a streamer. This marked the beginning of his new career path. As soon as competition in the league begins in March. Albralelie’s team will be among those playing in North American Arena League Group B. Other teams in the group include Dark Zero, NRG Esports, and The Guard.

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