Champions Quest Interrupted: TimTheTatman’s Nuke Run Halted by Major Jailbreak in Warzone 2

TimTheTatman and his squad progressed towards completing the Champions Quest Contract until a significant jailbreak interrupted them.

Because there is no method to keep track of data in Warzone 2, the content makers have focused on finding Nukes rather than achieving high-kill wins. In the battle royale mode, acquiring a Nuke is another problematic objective. For squads to complete the Champions Quest Contract, players must first gather three different elements, place a bomb, and finally defend the bombsite until the nuclear weapon detonates.

In addition, teams will only be eligible to undertake the Champions Quest Contract once they have completed five consecutive matches in which they emerged victorious. Once you have collected all three components, a Jailbreak will allow you to resurrect any players who have died throughout the game.

Teams usually quit when eliminated from the competition, but players saw an unusual opportunity to defeat TimTheTatman and kept going. Nothing could have adequately prepared Tim for the barrage of opponents he faced in the final circle of the match when a nuke was on the line.

The enormous jailbreak ended TimTheTatman’s attempt at a nuke run

By acquiring the third component, TimTheTatman, with his regular Nuke allies NICKMERCS, Swagg, and Cloakzy, set off a jailbreak and free the other players. A jailbreak caused the number of players in the lobby to skyrocket from 18 to 51, putting Tim in an unenviable position.

Even though the streamer’s other teammates could respawn, Tim was the only one who could complete the assignment because he was the only one who had loadout weaponry. Although he fought bravely, Tim was ultimately overwhelmed by the horde of adversaries.

“I have never seen anything like that done on a jailbreak before. That grew from twenty to fifty people just waiting for us to grab that last component; that was crazy, man.

Tim continued, “given the long history of Warzone, this is easily one of the strangest jailbreak experiences I have ever had.” Dealing with stream snipers is a never-ending struggle for content creators, but maybe this is karma for Tim previously trying to sabotage a team’s Nuke run a few weeks earlier.

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