XclusiveAce’s Analysis: Vaznev-9K Nerf in MW2 Season 2 Update Was “Senseless”

According to the expert XclusiveAce, the Vaznev-9k received a “senseless” nerf in the Season 2 update. XclusiveAce specializes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. When it comes to the Call of Duty series of video games, XclusiveAce is among the most abundant sources of knowledge that can be found online. The words from the patch notes are translated into quantifiable outcomes in the films of his professional analysis, which take an in-depth look at the changes that were made in both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, respectively.

A YouTuber noted that the adjustment made to the Vaznev-9K as part of the weapon balancing improvements made for MW2 Season 2 was insignificant to the overall effectiveness of the gun in his video where he reviewed the changes.

XclusiveAce analyzes the “senseless” changes made to the Vaznev-9K in MW2

The Midway War 2 patch notes indicated as he detailed in his video, that the Vaznev had gotten a reduction in “mid-to-long range damage,” which was a nerf. According to Ace’s analysis, the modification resulted in a modest decrease in the weapon’s base damage and damage to the upper torso when the user moved further away from it.

He went on to explain that this modification had little significance whatsoever. It should be noted that this update did not affect the Vaznev in any way, shape, or form because the change above brings about zero alterations to the weapon in question.

This is a significant finding with the introduction of Ranked Play, as many Call of Duty League pro players and casual players alike believe that the gun is now in a situation that is too powerful. A rookie to OpTic Texas, Ghosty admitted as much during his first appearance on the stream of a former Call of Duty legend who has since retired.

Although the Kastov 74U is a more powerful weapon, according to the CDL regulation regulating the competitive playlist’s meta, it is forbidden to use because it is officially an assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2. The Fennec 45, the most powerful submachine gun in Warzone 2, is not allowed to be used. As a result, the Lachmann Sub (MP5) is the sole viable choice for both serious and recreational players interested in climbing the Ranked ladder.

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