The Tragic Consequence of Warzone 2’s Airstrike Glitch: Players Beware!

A glitch in Warzone 2 caused an airstrike to be launched on top of the player, killing them in the process rather than hundreds of meters away as intended. While participating in a battle-royale match, players must pay attention to various things. There is always the possibility of hearing gunfire, footsteps, car noises, and other items at any time.

Players must watch various elements, including other players’ movements, auditory signals, and the mini-map. Unfortunately, only some things can be foreseen, mainly when a bug ruins the game’s typical flow. Warzone 2 now includes a problem that causes calling in an airstrike to land it directly on top of you, giving you little to no time to move out of the way.

A Warzone 2 bug places airstrikes on users of the game

Fans of Warzone 2 highlighted a recent issue posted on Reddit that showed a player calling in an airstrike on the opposing side only to have it accidentally impact themself. The athlete is standing on top of a hill in the video, watching a squad move past them. They prepare their airstrike, position it underneath the mountain, and draw it out. An airstrike now targets them as they pursue the opposing squad without recognizing it.

When you’re focused on a three-person team down low and believe you’re going to eliminate them all, what happens when a small indicator at the top of the screen indicates the airstrike is now on top of the player? It’s understandable for tunnel vision to set in and prevent awareness of what will occur.

Many users left comments about the problem and the understanding required because hindsight is 20/20. “This happened to me inside a building,” one user commented. Imagine being struck by an airstrike hundreds of meters distant and dying inside a structure.

These kinds of activities can seriously disrupt a player’s groove. One’s attitude can be affected when one moves confidently and see the results of doing things perfectly, just for a chance bug to wreck it. Sadly, gamers must always be on the lookout for such things that could lose them the game. Players must exercise caution despite how annoying it is until a patch is implemented.

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