Scump Accuses Seattle Surge of “F**king” OpTic Texas in CDL Transfer Drama

A former Call of Duty legend known as “Scump” Abner has criticized the Seattle Surge for “f**king” OpTic Texas. Regarding their move for Pred, which was supposed to involve a CDL transfer but ultimately did not occur.

The CDL roster for OpTic Texas has been at the center of a mystery and a lot of attention as of late. First, we saw a risky play that Seattle Surge’s Pred attempted but failed to capitalize on. H3CZ said that the organization was “tugged along” by the Washington-based squad during the process.

The first step was to find someone to take Dashy’s spot after he was eliminated during CDL Major 1. On the other hand, Scump decided to take his retirement earlier than expected. Opening the door for Dashy to come back and for Huke to join the Greenwall.

Since then, OpTic finished in fourth place in the CDL Major 2, and they have since dropped iLLeY, the future of which is now unknown. He was replaced by Ghosty, a top player on the CDL Challengers. And the new OpTic Texas lineup is getting ready to debut in the Major 3 Qualifiers.

Scump has already said that he was “shocked” by iLLeY’s dismissal from the team. During a live stream on February 10 in which he discussed his potential future destinations, he criticized the Seattle Surge again.

Scump claims OpTic Texas was “f*cked” by the Seattle Surge

To explain why he didn’t believe that iLLeY would likely move to Seattle because of the negative connection between the organizations, he said that the Surge “f**ked” OpTic Texas “colossally.”

“I think Surge could have happened [for iLLeY] if Surge didn’t utterly just f**k us over,” he stated. “I think Surge could have happened for iLLeY.” “In the original transaction. Because they messed us over in every way. Vertically upwards. They completely screwed us over.

Scump responded when newly retired Methodz asked whether the pride was sufficient to halt the move: “They [OpTic Texas] wouldn’t let anything get in the way.” They wouldn’t be childish about the situation at all. On the other hand, Surge, and by that, I mean colossally; let’s not sugarcoat it. They messed us up… We had dinner at a restaurant, we paid for it, and they stiffed us.

It is undoubtedly consistent with H3CZ’s account of the happenings, who shared a similar negative outlook on how the Surge dealt with OpTic’s interest in Pred. Before Seattle called off the transaction, he had previously mentioned that OpTic had satisfied Surge’s asking price on three separate occasions.

The accusations made by Seattle against OpTic have been refuted. Still, regardless of which side is telling the truth, it is impossible to overlook the animosity between the two organizations. The qualifying tests for the CDL Major 3 will get underway on February 17.

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