Maximizing Precision Airstrike Efficiency in Warzone 2: A Guide to Dominating the Game

The Precision Airstrike kill streak in Warzone 2 is one of the most versatile tools in the game, and this piece of advice will assist players in getting the most out of each use of the kill streak.

In Warzone 2, gaining and holding the high ground is essential to success. A player can use the Precision Airstrike to create space and force opposing teams to reposition if they find themselves trapped on the bottom floor of a building, under an overpass, or crossing an open field for protection.

The imminent change to backpacks in Season 2 means this will be the case for a while, and intelligent players will need to know how to get their money’s worth every time they call one in. They are relatively spammable in Season 1, but this won’t be the case for much longer.

The Precision Airstrike trick in Warzone 2 makes killing enemies simple

When it comes to effectively utilizing this beneficial streak, precision is essential, as demonstrated by the user Savage 2C on YouTube. Players ought to take their time and move in the precise direction in which they want the rolling cannons to fire at the adversary instead of sending it blindly in any order toward them in an attempt to engage in combat.

This is demonstrated in the video by the player waiting until the circle collapses, which creates the smallest possible area for the enemies to be in. They launch the Precision Airstrike from a position directly above the bridge as soon as they are ready, turning their backs on it.

This viewpoint makes the most of the streak because it leaves the target squad with a tiny area to maneuver when attempting to run away. Their only genuine chance of survival is to leap off the bridge and into the gunfire waiting for them below.

Employ the Precision Airstrike to flush out enemies from concealment when numerous squads on high ground lack good vantage points for shooting. The flight path identification will certainly reveal simpler lanes for pushing or repositioning strategically behind.

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