Orisa Ultimate Glitch: The Latest Challenge in Overwatch 2 Season 3

The most recent season of Overwatch 2 introduced a new difficulty for Orisa, which prohibits her ultimate ability from being recast. This has thrown players into a frenzy.

Overwatch 2 has been plagued by more than its fair share of problems throughout its existence. Because there are so many heroes, interactions, and maps, it is only natural that there would be the occasional bug. Blizzard has left some unresolved issues in the patch, which is particularly concerning given the recent debut of the newest season.

Although the third season of Overwatch 2 contained a large amount of new content, it also introduced a few issues that have caused consternation among players. In addition to the brand-new map, battle pass, and reimagined characters like Mercy, the most recent season has a few problems that need to be resolved.

The Immobilizing Orisa Ultimate Glitch in Overwatch 2 Season 3

Players of Overwatch 2 have recently discovered the most recent bug, which is unfortunately quite detrimental to the gameplay. Orisa, her ultimate ability in particular regions of the map, has been the source of the most recent issue.

As the first cast draws everyone in, the issue appears to prevent the player from using their ultimate, which is meant to deal severe damage to everyone in the immediate vicinity. This second step appears to be prevented by the problem, which periodically causes Orisa to slide up and down while whirling her javelin. As Orisa cannot move while channeling her ultimate, this also means that the player is immobile. Players are left helpless and caught in conducting, which breaks the game for them.

Since nothing else works to address the problem, the only method to fix this bug is to pass away. This means that players affected by the bug must respectfully ask the opposition for permission to kill them before they can leave; otherwise, they will remain there for the duration of the game, or at the very least, until they are kicked.

Unfortunately, uneven terrain may be relatively common in Overwatch 2’s many maps. Thus it’s unfortunate that the bug appears when Orisa is standing on it. We haven’t yet seen if Blizzard has a remedy for this funny glitch, but Orisa players will have to keep spinning till then.

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