Quick Balls: The Debate over Catching Rare Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet’s 7-Star Tera Raids

Players of Scarlet and Violet are using Quick Balls to catch Greninja in 7-star Tera Raids, which continues the ongoing discussion on whether Pokeball is the worse for obtaining rare Pokemon.

The Pokemon community is currently discussing a controversial topic for those who are unaware of it. Pokeballs are what we’ll be talking about today.

Pokemon enthusiasts have been debating recently about which Pokeballs are most suitable for capturing Shiny Pokemon. The belief that the yellow and electric blue Quick Ball is the worst of the worst is the one that has caused the most controversy among people’s opinions.

At the beginning of this discussion, uncommon Shiny Pokemon had a role; however, it has now evolved to new levels. Using Quick Balls on the one-time catch Greninja that appears in 7-star Tera Raids is helping players further reinforce their position in favor of employing Quick Balls.

Those who use Quick Ball can catch Greninja with the “worst Pokeball”

Players are publishing screenshots of their Greninja caught in Quick Balls to showcase the “Supremacy of Quick Balls”, as one of the commenters put it. Because each edition of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet only allows players to capture a single Greninja, the game requires a significant time investment from its players.

Twitter users AceTrainerLiam, REVERSAL, and others took a stand in solidarity with one another in response to a flood of negative remarks on Quick Ball. Their use of quick Ball was described as “primitive,” “brazen,” and “very repulsive.”

However, many comments backed their decision to use that particular Ball. While other trainers utilized Moon Balls, Beast Balls, or various Apriballs, many others applauded Quick Ball users for their dedication to capturing equipment not well received by the Pokémon training community.

Supporters of the Quick Ball referred to the postings as “iconic” and “based” and believed the Ball’s color palette was similar to Greninja. And going back to the beginning of the controversy, there were those who stated that they did not take a side because the Pokemon in question was not Shiny.

On the other hand, some players may argue that Greninja is more uncommon than a Shiny Pokémon because trainers have the potential to acquire an endless number of Shinies. In contrast, they are only able to capture a single 7-star Tera Raid boss.

In any case, it does not appear like this discussion will be resolved soon, as there is always another 7-star raid event right around the corner.

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