Analyzing the Apex Legends Season 16 Meta: Pros’ Perspectives on the Best Legend Combinations

Even though Season 16 of Apex Legends has been released for over two weeks, players are still trying to figure out which three Legends work best together. On Twitter, ALGS player Mac ‘Albralelie’ Beckwith provided his unique perspective on the newly introduced meta.

Players are still in the early stages of a new Apex Legends season, which means they are still searching for the best team configurations. Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, a player for TSM ALGS, spoke to Twitter to discuss how players should begin picking up Seer in their matches and how the Legend is still too powerful. He also mentioned that the Legend is still overpowered. Albralelie, a fellow pro player, reacted with his interpretation of the character and provided his forecast for the following pro and casual meta for Apex Legends Season 16 in his response.

Albralelie explained how Seer’s recent adjustments reduce his viability as a playable character, particularly on World’s Edge. He also stated that the upcoming metagame would see an increased usage of Bloodhound.

In Season 16, Albralelie forecasts a scan meta score of 3.0

The ALGS pro pointed out that due to the recent adjustments to Bloodhound, his ultimate ability now causes ravens to fly toward the nearest adversary on the map and has a shorter cooldown, both of which will provide significant value to professional teams. According to Albralelie, his latest forecast for the meta-composition is Bloodhound, followed by Bangalore, then Valkyrie. For several years, the last two characters have established themselves as mainstays in professional play.

The use of scan metals isn’t new to Apex Legends; they’ve been common in both professional and casual play on and off for years. But fans may have to find a unique way to differentiate it from other strategies this time. Bloodhound now belongs to the Recon class as of the release of Season 16, which made minor adjustments to the Legends classification overall. The beginning of the second split of the professional season is when fans of ALGS and casual players can catch a glimpse of the meta compositions that teams have developed. The tournament will begin in March.

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