Criticism Mounts Over Possible Rehash of Content in Pokemon Go’s Spring 2023 Event

When a recent data mine revealed that the upcoming seasonal update for Pokemon Go might be a rehash of the prior content, fans of the game have been very critical of Niantic. Pokemon Go, much like other live-service video games, receives periodic updates that commemorate the holidays and seasons that exist in the world around its players.

As a result, a significant number of trainers are excited about the Spring 2023 event, which will likely take place sometime around the beginning of April. Unfortunately, recent data mines may have dampened the expectations of some players for the event since the leaks revealed a number of new Pokemon who are wearing flower crowns, identical to the attire that will be worn during the Spring 2022 event.

Players of Pokemon Go have criticized the event as being “lazy” due to leaks

PokeMiners on Twitter is the source of the leak itself. An asset update tweet revealed that the game had uploaded models labeled “Spring2023”. This is how the breach came to light.

This update added Flower Crown-adorned models of Eevee, its evolutions, Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, and Pichu and Pikachu. There may be some confusion regarding what precisely is new because, as dedicated fans of Pokemon Go are well aware, all of these Pokemon already have costumed varieties that feature a Flower Crown.

The distinction is hardly noticeable at all. If you take a very close look, you can see that Flower Crowns from the year 2023 are a darker shade of pink than those from previous years. Compared to Flower Crowns from other years, Flower Crowns from the year 2023 have undergone some alteration to their shape.

The community became agitated as a result of this, and one trainer even went so far as to accuse Niantic of “pushing the boundaries of laziness to new heights” with this update. Others concurred that the update could have been more impressive, stating they would have appreciated a minimally increased attempt to introduce some variety into the floral patterns.

While these are still merely leaks, there is a possibility that the Spring 2023 event will include more alterations that weren’t shown in the leaks. Nevertheless, this is quite unlikely. For the time being, it is evident that gamers of Pokemon Go would like to see more effort put in by Niantic in the future.

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