Speculations about the Possible Support Hero in Overwatch 2 Season 4

The Overwatch 2 community has been reviewing the available alternatives and believes they may have found the upcoming support hero. The Overwatch developers dropped a ton of indications about the upcoming two characters earlier this week, saying that they will be “cute” in a fashion similar to Mercy (and not a dog).

The new support hero’s kit will include “dynamics that will be incredibly exciting to see unfold in high-level games,” they hinted, adding it will be different from anything before. Players have used the only information shared by the developers so far about the new hero for Season 4 to identify a few strong contenders from the Overwatch canon.

Players of Overwatch 2 may have discovered the support hero for Season 4

A post on Reddit quickly gained momentum, highlighting an exchange between D.Va and Tracer. Many people probably aren’t aware of the unusual interaction D.Va and Tracer already have with regard to Overlord. Also, do you believe he will rank among the two “cute” support heroes? A fan reflected. D.Va tells Tracer in the spawning chamber that she will “have to introduce you to Overlord,” noting that he is the best pilot she knows.

Overlord is the name of one of the pilots on the South Korean team MEKA squad who works with D.Va to defend the nation from dangers. Fascinatingly, the developers stated in 2022 that they would “love” to include more members of the MEKA team as heroes but cautioned that they had “no official plans” at the moment.

Is the upcoming Overwatch 2 hero based on a comic book?

Regarding the support hero from Season 4, other fans had other hypotheses. Another user speculated that Lynx 17 might be the latest addition in a post that is currently going viral. Do we forget Zarya’s ONLY Omnic friend, Overlord, who everyone believes will be new support? The player added that he enables tanks, meets the cute description and has met Sombra in addition to making the suggestion.

Just look at the rabbit ears, the player cried. We should only have a short time to wait until the new character is revealed and we find out if they’re a recognizable face or someone completely unexpected, even though some fans had reservations that another Omnic hero would be presented so soon after Ramattra.

Keep an eye on us for all the latest news and updates for everything OW2 as Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is scheduled to start in April, and it’s probable that the new hero will be released a little earlier than that.

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