League of Legends Introduces a New Quick Play mode for a Quicker Gameplay Experience

The League of Legends devs have today revealed many fresh new features and changes, one of which is a brand new Quick Play mode. In the most recent Dev Update for League of Legends, some fascinating information was released about the impending Skarner VGU, as well as other modifications to the kits of champions such as Rell, Ivern, and Neeko that were less significant.

The devs also highlighted new projects in relation to skins (including bringing Wild Rift skins across to League of Legends) and the upgrade to the Blue Essence Emporium. These new initiatives are in addition to the recent champion updates implemented. But one of the devs, Pu Liu, also revealed a new project that should appeal to players of all skill levels – including gamers who are not eager to enter into the competitive modes of play.

The League of Legends has introduced a new Quick Play mode

Liu mentions in the update that the Blind Pick game mode has become the least-played game mode in League of Legends; consequently, the development team has begun experimenting with ways to improve the experience for players who want to be able to jump right into a game of LoL without having to go through the draft phase. In light of this, Riot has introduced a new game option called Quick Play, which will allow players to select both the role and the champion they want to play.

Liu drew parallels between the recently implemented Quick Play option and the previous Teambuilder feature, utilized from Season 4 through Season 6. During Teambuilder, players were allowed to announce the role and champion they would be playing in the game that was about to begin. One of the players was chosen to take charge of the lobby, and they were given the authority to decide whether or not to accept the new player.

Players are already pleased with the possibility of entering into games more quickly; however, it is still being determined whether a comparable form of control will be available in the new Quick Play option.

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