Remembering Lance Reddick: Players of Destiny 2 Hold vigils in honor of the iconic Voice Actor

Commander Zavala is a character who has been an essential element of the narrative of Destiny from the very beginning. Lance Reddick provided the voice for this character. After the news of the respected singer and screen actor’s passing, players of Destiny 2 held vigils to pay their respects, as seen by many.

Before he blew up the gaming scene by showcasing his acting chops in many AAA titles, Lance Reddick had a lengthy and illustrious career in Hollywood. At that time, he also won a number of awards for his work.

Because of his outstanding work as Sylens in the Horizon series and because his voice was used for Commander Zavala, an essential character in the Destiny series, he has had a significant impact on some of the most successful video game franchises in the history of the industry. The news of his demise deeply affected players of Destiny 2, who gathered in-game near Commander Zavala’s location to pay their respects and honor the legendary voice actor.

Players of Destiny 2 held vigils in memory of the recently departed Lance Reddick.

During his successful career, which stretched over two decades and included well over a dozen years, Lance Reddick appeared in a multitude of films and television shows. Although he had roles on screen that made him famous, such as the ones he played in the John Wick movies, he truly hit his stride when he started working as a voice actor for video games.

He created waves in the gaming industry with his brilliant and unforgettable performances in the Horizon series and the Destiny games, which had significant roles for him in fun. Players of Destiny 2 have banded together to organize vigils for Reddick because of his significant role as Commander Zavala, who has been a prominent character in the franchise from the very beginning. Destiny’s history spans almost a decade, and Reddick was one of the first main characters.

Paul Tassi brought this movement within the game to everyone’s attention, and the responses were filled with other players gathering to attend vigils for Reddick and celebrate his legacy, both within the game and outside of it.

Players have used emotes and in-game poses to congregate around Zavala, and during this time, they have put their guns down and observed a moment of quiet. Although he may no longer be physically present, players in Destiny 2 can still interact with him in-game and hear his voice guiding them through their journeys.

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