Washington Justice Coach GetAmazed Accused of Sexual Exploitation by Prospective OWL Player

GetAmazed, the incoming 2023 head coach of Washington Justice, has been charged with developing a target Overwatch League player. The situation has been communicated to the team, but an answer has yet to be given. Be amazed by Zouheir Team France in the 2023 Overwatch World Cup and OWL’s Washington Justice both having Baba as their head coach. However, before the season’s tournaments started, Baba was charged with developing a target OWL player.

On February 27, “Kassian” described their alleged interactions with GetAmazed in a twitlonger. They alledge the coach sexually exploited them while pledging to support their aspirations for a professional career. They allegedly first connected online in April 2022. When Kassian was looking for a coach to help them decide whether or not to pursue a career in the OWL.

Accusations of Exploitation Against GetAmazed by Prospective OWL Player Kassian

According to their article, Kassian was grieving the loss of a person they relied on owing to their disability at the time of this interaction and recuperating from acute agoraphobia. They supposedly had a dire financial position and were about to become homeless. So they weren’t sure if they should keep on in the Overwatch competition.

GetAmazed persuaded Kassian to continue with his pro goals after the two had a conversation about their OWL pursuits on the coaching website Metafy. According to the twitlonger, the soon-to-be OWL coach even refunded Kassian for this first tutoring session and offered assistance whenever they needed Overwatch guidance.

Kassian continued by describing their subsequent connection in detail. They indicated that it initially began as a merely social connection in which Kassian would seek the coach for Overwatch guidance. But gradually developed into a more intimate one.

Kassian claimed that GetAmazed gradually increased their level of affection while pressuring them to share pictures of themselves. It allegedly led to sharing of explicit images between the two within a short period. They said that GetAmazed would cease responding to inquiries about Overwatch and would only ask Kassian to supply images and videos that they felt uncomfortable sending.

Coach GetAmazed

Kassian added in the twitlonger, “I felt like he was using me for his enjoyment. Kassian disclosed that GetAmazed would eventually abruptly end all communication. The prospective athlete finally went to Mélissa “Seny” Yang, manager of Team Peps, who GetAmazed was coaching at the time. And revealed their alleged history and exploitation.

In allegedly stolen images of their private communications. Kassian would claim that Seny made an effort to refute the claims and even to downplay Kassian’s background. GetAmazed and the Washington Justice have not replied to the accusations as of the time of writing.

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