Apex Legends Season 16 to Introduce Spawning with P2020 Pistols According to ImperialHal

The BR’s next Season 16 will spawn players into battles with a P2020 pistol, according to Apex Legends professional player Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen. This would be a significant change from looting.

One of the most crucial elements of a battle royale is usually looting. Players typically start out with very little, and they must explore POIs to find weapons, gear, and other resources to help them win. The same applies to Apex Legends.

While some LTMs, like Locked and Loaded, have changed the rules and allowed players to drop in with some gear, the vast majority of Apex matches send Legends into the arena with nothing at all. The pursuit of weaponry and kills then becomes an all-out race. But in Season 16, everything might be about to change.

Players with P2020 Statuses Could Spawn in Apex Legends Season 16

Players might also receive a weapon when they drop from the new season, which is already expected to deliver a significant revamp to Legend classes and abilities. The P2020 will be that weapon, claims ImperialHal. The TSM professional player casually asserted on a livestream on December 27 that starting in Season 16, players will spawn into matches with a P2020.

For the upcoming season, “we’ll be spawning with a P2020,” he declared. You two are prepared for that, right?

He didn’t go into detail, but it is common knowledge that professional players have early access to game builds in order to give devs feedback. For Apex Legends, it will be a first. The developers reiterated their opposition to allowing gamers to come in with weapons in late 2021.

It was explained that having players spawn without weapons makes early-game scenarios more balanced and well-paced. Instead of immediately pushing teams and wiping foes within the first few minutes of a match, they are compelled to hunt for riches.

However, if Hal’s intelligence is accurate, we can anticipate another significant change when Season 16 premieres in the middle of February 2023. Naturally, though, until Respawn or EA make it official, players shouldn’t consider this to be confirmed.

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