Community Calls for Improved Steal Mechanics in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 improved shooting and dribbling, but others in the community feel the steal mechanic deserves more focus. NBA 2K23 made offensively minded gamers happy with the addition of a new shot meter and flashy new skill combos, but some community members desire more focus on defense.

Players want the game’s stealth mechanics to be improved in particular. The criticism of a poor steal system is nothing new. Players expressed their dissatisfaction with NBA 2K23’s “ridiculous” theft spam concerns in October. Players repeatedly press the steal button because there is only one of it, which eventually results in the opponent being stripped.

Thankfully, an innovative NBA 2K23 player provided a fix, fixing the long-overdue flaws in the steal system.

A NBA 2K23 Player Suggests Updating the Steals System

On Reddit, a player of NBA 2K23 made the suggestion that “defenders should have to manually decide which direction they are reaching.”

The user noted that while defenders only have one button to block all three sorts of passes. Players can execute a lob, regular, or bounce pass. They argued that more realistic steal situations would arise if players could flick the right stick in the direction they wished to grab for the ball.

“Steal mechanics won’t function with one button.”

One player proposed having a button for pass interceptions and another for steals. Because they would actually have to choose the best course of action given the circumstances. This would effectively stop people from receiving random spamming fortunate steals.

“I think it’s the best idea to increase the skill gap in the defensive system,” a second player said. By including new skill mechanics, nearly every OP mechanic in the game has been somewhat balanced.

The user supported their assertion by citing shot times based on stamina or the dunk stick. Locking steals behind a single button leaves too much to chance rather than player skill. It results in a smaller skill difference.

Players have suggested improving the current steal mechanics by allowing defenders to manually select the direction they reach for the ball or by adding a separate button for steals and intercepting passes. This suggestion would increase the skill level of the defensive mechanics and create a larger skill gap between players.

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