Respawn Addresses Unfair Matchmaking in Apex Legends Ranked Mode for  Players

In response to complaints that some players had unfair matchmaking in Apex Legends’ Ranked mode, Respawn Entertainment has addressed the issue. Apex Legends has been experiencing several connection issues in the year 2023. Which has prevented players from playing the game for extended periods of time.

In addition, players have become increasingly frustrated as a result of complaints from European fans. They are concerned with odd matchmaking during Ranked, including that of Element 6 professional player KSWINNIIE. These complaints relate to the fact that players have been placed in matches with opponents they would not normally face.

The problem with Ranked matchmaking in Europe has been addressed by Respawn Entertainment, and the company has stated that a solution is on the way in the near future.

Apex Legends  Ranked Complaints Is Addressed by Respawn

“A brief note to our European @PlayApex players: You may have noticed some unexpected pairings in Ranked Matchmaking,” read a tweet from Respawn’s official Twitter account on January 20, 2023. The tweet continues, stating that “the team is performing a test until Monday focused on smurf detection and matchmaking by the genuine talent in our attempts to consistently enhance Ranked.”

For those who might have overlooked it. Respawn has been covertly experimenting with fresh approaches to enhance SBMM or skill-based matchmaking. The matching system in Apex will eventually be redesigned as a result of these modifications. Unfortunately, it appears that theste adjustments and experiments have resulted in growing pains, which has angered many players.

It’s hilarious to watch players who are ranked bronze and silver get run over by full-stack predators during a test. It’s a good thing we returned after a month since this is FUN! one player said. While many are supportive of Respawn’s efforts to enhance matchmaking. Some have expressed worries about how long these experiments would interfere with gameplay.

I appreciate that there are communications and that efforts are being taken, but should players really have to endure that much hardship while attempting to grind ranked and facing off against 3-stack preds/masters in bronze/silver? Give region lock or something similar, or perhaps a split ext, at the least.

Hopefully, the tests will be completed and matchmaking will be in better shape by the time Monday, January 23, 2023, arrives. However, for the time being, European fans who are seeking to go via Ranked should brace themselves for some unpredictability.

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