Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Kingambit Bug Experienced by Trainers

One player of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet experienced an amusing bug where their Kingambit transformed into something resembling a Beyblade and spun around. Players have expressed dissatisfaction with the current condition of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s performance and stability, despite the fact that the game has sold extremely well.

The problems that certain trainers experience are frequently just humorous encounters that look completely out of place, and while some of the flaws that players come across can be really aggravating, this is not always the case.

When one player used their Kingambit to fight on the Paldean sea, the Kingambit began continuously spinning around like some type of living Beyblade. This was the case when one player used their Kingambit.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trainer Face Kingambit Bug

This was made possible via a post made by the user mocha cap on the Pokemon Scarlet Violet subreddit. In the post, the mocha cap included a video that demonstrated the glitch in action. In the video, the trainer swims with Koraidon in the water and then engages in combat with a wild Kilowattrel. As per normal, the trainer uses their Kingambit in the battle to take on and defeat the Flying-type Pokemon their opponent has sent out.

Despite this, Kimgambit appeared to celebrate its win by spinning around in delight once it was defeated. Oddly enough, Kingambit continued to spin for the duration of the rest of the footage, gradually moving away from the floating device that Water-type Pokemon stand on when engaging in battle on bodies of water with other types of Pokemon.

Plenty of other trainers, including some who left comments such as “Beyblade! Beyblade!” found the bug to be rather humorous. Let it rip!” “It’s like a Roomba but with a knife,” they said.

Since the launch of the game in November of 2022, players have experienced a variety of hilarious glitches, like this spinning Kingambit issue, which is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of the other hilarious flaws. Other bugs include trainers slipping and sliding down hills before suddenly plummeting through the world, riding invisible Koraidon or Miraidon, or having player models perform some…interesting motions.

It is understandable that many gamers have chosen not to partake in the experience due to its lack of polish; despite the fact that many players have been able to ignore the frustrating performance and enjoy their journey through Paldea, it is certainly understandable that many gamers have chosen not to.

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