Genji Fans Express Disappointment with Balance Changes in Overwatch 2

Players of the cyborg ninja Genji are unhappy with the route the Overwatch 2 developers have taken for their favorite character. They fear that further nerfs may be forthcoming after hearing developer comments.

Genji had several nerfs during the start of Overwatch 2’s life, including the loss of ammo, damage, and a passive that significantly increased his speed. As Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson mentioned during a chat on Twitch, the developers have steadfastly maintained that Genji is still in a decent spot despite requests to enhance the hero slightly.

The team was considering possibly transferring some of the strength from his Dragon Blade ultimate to the rest of his kit in the neutral. Still, Dawson’s suggestion that they might do so in that conversation caused considerable controversy.

Genji fans are dissatisfied with the balance changes in Overwatch 2

As clips of Dawson’s remarks circulated on Twitter, many Overwatch players expressed their unhappiness at the possibility of nerfs being applied to Dragon Blade.

I’m not sure I understand how the hero can perform “pretty well” when he’s lost everything that has made him sound, commented Twitch broadcaster Necros. The elimination of the speed passive, according to the Genji main, makes him much less enjoyable to play.

Others responded with their concerns, raising the issue of how the balancing team chooses to alter particular characters and the sources of the information they use.

Another player yelled angrily, “They mean he’s doing well in BRONZE.” I wish this were a joke, but look at Sojourn and all the “statistics” they cite when discussing the strength of heroes or the number of new players.

Another grumbled, “The worst part about it is how he’s stating that if they ever gave him damage or ammo back, they’d nerf blade first.” Genji is currently countered by so many things that it is ludicrous to believe that Blade is a problem.

We’ll have to wait and see how these potential modifications are applied in the future or whether the balancing team will reconsider things before the start of Season 3 next month due to the outcry from Genji players.

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