A Player’s Daring Move to Save a Shiny Encounter in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

While searching for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny in Area Zero’s caves, a hunter’s worst nightmare came true, but thanks to their quick thinking, a potential failure was turned into a daring rescue.

In Scarlet & Violet, finding Shiny Pokemon is a unique experience. Players now need to wander around and wait for one to pop in; the days of random encounters and soft resets are long gone. While this sounds just like Arceus from Pokemon Legends, it’s riskier.

Each Pokemon’s Shininess is decided when the globe is loaded into Pokemon Legends Arceus. The Shininess of a Pokemon is instead determined at spawn time in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This also implies that a Shiny Pokemon will despawn if it leaves the player’s render distance.

And in a diverse area like Paldea, the terrain is a problem, especially since Pokemon can spawn in unlikely places like behind walls, off-limits, or even perched precariously on a cliff. And when you explore Area Zero’s caves, this startling truth becomes clear.

To Save Shiny Iron Valiant, The Player Jumps From a Cliff

Anyone who has spent time in Area Zero’s depths understands how worrisome the spawns can be. Pokemon almost always appear on or very close to cliff faces, some of which fall to their deaths before taking even one step. And this can be a nightmare for Shiny hunters. They can only pray that a Shiny doesn’t spawn too close to the edge and fall beyond their render range. However, for Reddit user josh, this worry came true.

Gujosh was riding Miraidon around Area Zero’s tunnels, searching for Shiny Iron Valiant, when he posted a video with the description, “Well, that was scary.” An all-silver Iron Valiant also appeared as they passed Research Station 4 on their way there. And immediately jumped to Area Zero’s lowest points. Gujosh and Miraidon jumped off the cliff in search of the Shiny Pokemon just in time. Josh was relieved that the Iron Valiant remained inside his render distance and didn’t despawn.

“Good responses there rescued you. GGs” wrote one user. Another said, “So you ‘fell’ for it, huh? And I’d fall for it again, Gujosh retorted.

Players value Shiny Pokemon because they are very uncommon, and the practice of Shiny hunting is challenging. It is tragic to witness one being taken from a trainer because of subpar spawning mechanisms. Fortunately, Gujosh’s risk-taking gymnastics made sure that this wasn’t the “one that got away.”

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