Warzone 2 Players Discover Interrogation Bug That Breaks Game Mechanics

Players of Warzone 2 have discovered a bug that completely breaks the game by exploiting the interrogation mechanism used in the battle royale mode.

Warzone 2 introduces the interrogation feature, allowing players to discover the whereabouts of an opposing team. After taking out an opponent, players can initiate the interrogation procedure by pressing a button on their control panel. During the interrogation animation, your character will slide a knife down the player’s throat. While simultaneously checking the cell phone for information on the whereabouts of the other group members.

After completing the procedure, the live ping will reveal the whereabouts of the remaining members of the opposing team. The system’s functionality is quite comparable to that of Caveira’s abilities in Rainbow Six Siege. The community members have yet to take full advantage of questioning, even though it has the potential to be extremely important in WZ2.

Interrogating an adversary is already stressful enough because their comrades can eliminate you, but the possibility of a bug makes a move considerably more difficult.

Players of Warzone 2 Discover a Bug in the Interrogation System

A player of Warzone 2 uploaded a video to Reddit demonstrating the questioning glitch that they were experiencing.

One of the players believed that completing a Most Wanted contract brought the teammate back to life. “Yesterday, I watched another video that showed a person near-instant self-reviving in WZ because his team had completed a most wanted contract, and it picked him up.

A second player commented, “just when I think there is no chance that even this part of the game is broken.” Concerning the authenticity of the glitch, not all of the community members were on the same page. “He began the self-revive animation, which, regardless of how it is halted when the interrogation is over, does not cause the player to lose any progress in the game. “No, that’s not a glitch; we did that on purpose.”

Activision has updated the Trello Board for Warzone 2 with all known bugs. Regardless of whether it is a bug, remain vigilant during the questioning process for the possibility that an opponent will resurrect them.

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