Tarik Launches Professional Valorant League to Combat Crypto Throwers

Tarik and many other high-level Valorant players find crypto throwing in their competition games to be frustrating, so he decided to address the issue by starting his own league where pros and top players could train.

Getting queue sniped in competitive games is nothing new for professional players and streamers. Players frequently like pitting their skills against the finest in the world and will go to any lengths to defeat or, occasionally, obstruct professionals and content producers.

However, the popularity of cryptocurrency betting platforms and the availability of live game tracking have given birth to “crypto throwers,” or players who attempt to make an easy profit by purposefully tampering with the outcomes of competitive games.

In the higher echelons of Valorant play, crypto throwers have gotten out of control to the extent that many pros and other vulnerable players have been severely discouraged from participating in comp games. Tarik has therefore taken matters into his own hands and is putting forward his very own professional league in an effort to provide Valorant’s top players with a proper practicing setting.

Tarik’s Professional Valorant League to Combat Crypto Throwers

Tarik was unable to provide many specifics regarding the administration of this professional league, but he does have an idea of how he’d handle it and who he’d invite to the extremely limited circuit.

He wants to form a league with between 100 and 120 players, and the eligibility rules are going to be quite stringent.

Tarik’s desire to establish a space where pros and top streamers like himself can practice without having their games ruined by the prevalence of crypto throwers is demonstrated by his proposal to establish a small-scale league. While this isn’t your typical pro league with set teams, a broadcast crew, and sponsors involved, it still has these features.

Tarik was fairly front about how uncertain the entire idea is and that he is unable to guarantee that it will even work as intended. “I don’t know if that will work, but we’ll give it a shot and see.”

Crypto throwers may be a significant problem in Valorant right now, but it’s a common annoyance in esports games. League of Legends has long had problems with this, and in late 2022 Chinese players were prohibited from using Korean servers in order to stop South Korean professionals from having their games impacted by betting sites.

The Valorant community has been alarmed by Tarik’s proposal, which has made fans aware of how critical the situation has become for their favorite players and streamers.

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