Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players fear save file loss due to update 1.2.0 flaw

Due to allegations that update 1.2.0 contained a flaw that may delete save files without a method to recover them, some Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have decided not to play the Gen 9 games.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet had a bit of a rocky beginning. Still, Game Freak assured players that a number of updates would address the game’s performance issues as well as its numerous bugs and malfunctions. Version 1.2.0, the first of these patches, was made available in late February. While it appeared to address some of the problems and added Pokemon Go connectivity, it also brought a new bug far worse than anything seen before. A save-wiping flaw was added in version 1.2.0, and players also encountered frustrating Tera Raid troubles and game crashes.

The reason for this bug is unknown to gamers as of the time of this report. However, numerous reports on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit claim that their saved data was erased after updating the game, purchasing DLC, or connecting to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon gamers are terrified by a save-erasing issue

Players are refusing to pick up their Switches to play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet until the glitch has been fixed, not out of rage but concern for what will happen to their file if they continue to explore Paldea, despite the conflicting reports of what’s causing the bug.

This has been brought out in a number of Reddit posts, including one from user Seffjem. The “I just feel so horrible for those folks” post received a deluge of comments from gamers taking extreme measures to prevent losing their progress. “I ain’t playing until it’s corrected. This means no iron leaves and no advancement on gimmighoul for Pokémon go,” one user said. Another said, “I’m scared even to turn on my game lol I have around 600 hours clocked and over 100 shinies… I’m not willing to risk it.

Fortunately, players may anticipate updates that might fix the problem. Some trainers claim they won’t transfer their Shinies until Pokemon HOME is compatible, while others claim they won’t wait for the next performance fix until the end of March.

Whatever the case, this means that gamers are losing out on temporary events, such as the one currently presenting two new Gen 9 Pokemon. Additionally, cautious players will have to deal with missing out on a beloved Gen 7 starter owing to Decidueye’s impending release.

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