Explosive Shiny Hunting Strategy for Voltorb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A trainer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet demonstrated an approach to Shiny hunting for one of the game’s shockingly effective and explosive Pokemon. While a good number of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans are keeping their fingers crossed for downloadable content (DLC), others are turning to tried-and-true activities like Shiny hunting to pass the time in Paldea in the meanwhile.

Shiny hunting is very different from how it was in previous games, thanks to the overworld encounter system that Generation 9 introduced. This is especially true since so many Pokemon have distinct behaviors when encountered in the overworld. Recently, a trainer discovered a way to take advantage of one of these one-of-a-kind behaviors or features that Voltorb possesses to make searching for Shiny versions of the spherical Pokemon much simpler.

The quest for Shiny Voltorb led by trainers of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is explosive

According to a video shared on the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet subreddit, one trainer’s strategy for capturing Shiny Voltorb consisted of just running close to the creatures to activate the animation of them exploding. While riding their Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet, the trainer brushes past a border of Voltorb in an attempt to attract their attention without triggering a battle. The Voltorb will begin flashing as a result of this and will continue to do so until they detonate.

When an explosion destroys Voltorb in Generation 9, they do not reappear on the overworld after the event, which is a little morbid, to say the least. This allows for more new Voltorb to spawn on the field, which means that the likelihood of a Shiny emerging among the next batch of Voltorb is substantially higher than the likelihood of a Shiny happening during prior encounters with wild Pokemon.

It has come to light that, under some circumstances, other Pokemon in the overworld vanish from it rather suddenly as well. Another trainer mentioned that they go looking for Sandyghast while it is raining since the Sand Heap Pokemon disintegrates in the rain in a manner that is analogous to the way Voltorb explodes.

In addition to its quickness, this method is helpful for the following reason, according to the analysis of one devoted supporter: “Because it does not count towards the epidemic count, it is a viable tactic.” Resetting the picnic would take less time, but if doing it this way makes it more fun for the person doing it, why not? So, players interested in obtaining a Shiny Voltorb should give this approach a shot to speed up the procedure. Providing, of course, that they don’t mind watching many of their Ball Pokemon explode.

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