CS:GO Developers Tease Fans with Possibility of Source 2 Port Release

In the middle of a deluge of leaks and rumors concerning Source 2, the developers of CS:GO have broken their quiet in their bold style, tempting fans with the possibility of a release.

There have been infinite excitement surrounding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2, to the point where it has become a meme. Despite the jokes, there is a substantial body of evidence to support the claim. We have seen lots of evidence that suggests a release will occur very soon, including breaches in newly released NVIDIA drivers, reports from Richard Lewis, and proof revealing files for Source 2 have been posted to the pre-release branch of the game.

The name “CSGO 2” is misleading because it only involves porting CSGO into the Source 2 engine instead of creating a full sequel. However, despite the game’s enormous buzz, the developers have remained mum regarding the rumors and theories. That is, up until now, when they have at long last broken their silence over the words and leaks that have been circulating.

CS:GO Twitter Account Responds to Hype Surrounding Source 2

The casters and commentators for the currently running 17th season of the ESL Pro League have joked numerous times throughout the competition about how desperate people are to get their hands on CS:GO 2. Even players like Karrigan get in on the joke and participate in it. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) Twitter account responded to the message when ESL tweeted out one of their segments, making fun of the hype train.

They responded with a straightforward reply gif that featured Micahel Scott from The Office. Naturally, this was enough to cause a frenzy among the audience and cause it to become viral. According to all reports, this is Valve’s very first and, to our knowledge, only formal response to the fact that CS:GO has a port.

Many teams, such as Heroic, BIG, and NIP, sent responses urging them to share it immediately. On top of that, numerous more notable figures from the CS:GO community, such as Karrigan, Launders, and ohnePixel, added their contributions to the mountain of memes. This one response has received more likes, retweets, and comments than the initial tweet that ESL posted, which demonstrates how excited CS:GO fans are for the port. 

At the time of writing this article, Valve had not yet announced any CS:GO official updates confirming the porting of CS:GO into Source 2. Dota 2 was the only title published by Valve to have this update in 2015 when it was released.

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