Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour Disappoints Players with Hidden Shinies in 10k Eggs

The Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour has begun in eastern regions of the world. Niantic’s news that three eagerly awaited new Shinies are hidden under 10k eggs has already left players feeling let down.

The third annual Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour showcases one of the Pokemon world’s areas. Also, Kanto was the highlighted region in 2021, Johto came next in 2022, starting in February 2023. Hoenn will take center stage. The event featured 12 new Shiny forms that weren’t previously available and boosted the likelihood of running into Gen 3 Pokémon. And among them are well-liked characters like Kecleon, Jirachi, and Relicanth.

Players were still trying to understand why some Pokemon with new Shiny forms weren’t surfacing in the wild. Also, the event spread to the far eastern region of the globe. After apologizing for the confusion, Niantic crushed the hopes of trainers.

New Pokemon Go Shiny varieties require 10,000 eggs to unlock

Torkoal, Tropius, and Relicanth are three new Shiny forms unveiled as part of the Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour. Also, players believed they would be found in the wild even though the official event page indicated that these Pokemon might be discovered by hatching 10k eggs. This confused me because these three Pokemon were not to be found in the overworld at the beginning of the event. Several players contacted Niantic on social media, prompting them to respond.

Trainers, we’d want to clarify that the featured regional Pokémon during the Pokémon GO Tour – Global, Relicanth, Tropius, and Torkoal, will only be accessible in 10km Eggs and not in the wild. We apologize for the confusion, according to a tweet from Niantic Support.

Players didn’t like this. Several drew attention to the fact that the event did not offer decreased egg distance benefits. Participants would have to walk 10 kilometers to hatch a few eggs (or one at a time for those without spare incubators).

Others stated that they only received 2k and 5k eggs instead of the promised 10k eggs from Pokestops. And one player inquired why Field Research awards weren’t offered as in Las Vegas. There will therefore be a lot of walking this weekend for those who wish to catch these new Shiny Pokemon.

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