Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn Las Vegas Attendees Voice Frustration Over Connectivity and Incentive Problems

Pokemon Go Tour: Las Vegas attendees have complained about problems with the game, connectivity, and incentives. For many of the participants, this has wrecked the pricey trip. Despite being “free to play,” Pokemon Go has turned into a costly experience. Gamers are discovering an increasing amount of material protected by exclusive event ticket paywalls and are also observing a steady increase in the cost of in-game necessities.

Several players are discovering firsthand at the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event taking place in Las Vegas that not all investments made in Pokémon Go are worthwhile. Players have experienced issues logging into the app, maintaining connectivity, or even taking part in essential portions of the celebration, similar to prior live events.

Niantic has apologized and given extended playtime to individuals affected by the troubles on the first day of the event. Still, a subsequent social media post appeared to blame players without event tickets for the connectivity issues. Gamers are angry with both responses and the problems—many of which they feel shouldn’t have been in the first place—and have taken to the internet to air their grievances.

Pokemon Go users criticize Niantic for problems with the Hoenn Tour

Pokemon Go gamers have vented their dissatisfaction and anger on the r/pokemongo subreddit regarding the Go Tour: Hornn Las Vegas event. Many gamers have also expressed their rage and irritation in tweets on Niantic’s Twitter account, despite having flown and paid to attend the event, by being unable to sign into the app. And how will I do that if I can still log in? A gamer asks. I’ve not played a minute since the event began. Therefore at this point, I’ll ask for a refund,” he said in reaction to the apologetic gift.

Another person criticizes Niantic’s purpose statement, contrasting it with people’s issues with the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event.

As server crashes have also been an issue at previous events, some gamers are perplexed as to why Niantic hasn’t taken any measures to prepare for the volume of users trying to access their servers.

However, it is likely that people who had problems at the Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event in Las Vegas won’t be able to get their money back. Also, the cost of getting to and lodging close to the event is not included in this because of its remote location. Instead, the gaming community might decide not to take part in future live events.

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