Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour Anecdotal Data Suggests Increased Shiny Odds for Selected Species

The Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour is happening worldwide, and users are gathering anecdotal data to show that only the species on the Chasing Legends Path have increased Shiny odds during the event.

Niantic added a “Shining Surprises” section to the official event page a few weeks before the Pokemon Go Hoenn Tour. According to the updated language, players would likely run into Shiny Pokemon first found in the Hoenn region. Niantic emphasized, “This boost relates to chosen species; not all will be boosted,” in a statement to Eurogamer. Players also looked forward to an official list of Pokémon that would receive a boost during the event in the preceding weeks.

Players are gathering data to determine which Pokémon have increased odds now that the first day of the event is nearing its conclusion in various parts of the world. Yet according on their reports, just three Pokemon from the event appear to have much greater Shiny probability.

Shining Surprises

Shiny probabilities increased thanks to the Hoenn Tour, players claim

The evidence offered by players is anecdotal, which means that it is based on their own experiences and might need to be more trustworthy. Yet, other players have shared the same information in response to a Reddit post from user badmusicfan.

“It looks like the path you chose in Chasing Legends Special Research (Gulpin, Surskit, or Cacnea) improves shiny rates for that species,” the OP determined after reviewing their experience. An Australian streamer who chose that road and caught three Shiny Gulpin and a trainer they met who chose that path and saw a Shiny Cacnea supported their theory, respectively.

Also, several players who have similar experiences posted in the comments. During the event, players report they spent several hours playing and only found Shinies of the chosen species using the Chasing Legends Special Research.

This may be what they meant when they said that “certain species are boosted,” a player said. Was it indeed “choose the species you want enhanced,” another person retorted.

Of course, only a small number of players have had experiences like this. On the first day, some fortunate trainers claim to have discovered 10–20 Shinies from a variety of species, while others claim to have only found one or two Shinies from the exclusive group.

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