Dr Disrespect calls Apex Legends the most challenging FPS on the Market

Dr. Disrespect has been taking on Apex Legends Ranked game, and after a February 24 escapade with ZLaner, the Two-Time has branded the game “the toughest FPS” on the market.

Dr. Disrespect is a genuine fan of first-person shooters (FPS). Not only has he accomplished remarkable things as a player in a variety of different franchises, but he also formerly worked with Sledgehammer Games as a map designer during the Advanced Warfare era of the Call of Duty franchise, and he is in the process of developing his own game called Dead drop right now.

That level of experience is as good as gold when it comes to weighing in on the state of gaming and following one of several Apex Legends streams since the game’s release. Doc has seen enough to call the battle royale title the most challenging in all of gaming.

Dr Disrespect discusses what makes Apex Legends so challenging

Dr. Disrespect had been playing Ranked for four hours when he decided to end his participation for the day. He was put in an impossible scenario where he was alone against three opponents, and while he did his best to retrieve the flags his friends had made for him and escape, the opposing team found him and finished off their pursuit of him.

Even before his competitors began to close up on him, the mega-streamer appeared to be dissatisfied with his performance, and he made sure that his chat heard his exasperation. “I’m such a klutz when it comes to this game… y’all see how clumsy I am?”

After bidding farewell to ZLaner and Niko1F, Doc announced in chat that he was ready for a vacation from Apex and was looking forward to trying something new. A chatter expressed sympathy for him and referred to the BR as the most challenging FPS; Doc and he agreed heartily with this assessment.

He stated, “Movement is even more important than the goal.” “Fluidity of movement, hip-firing, strafe tapping, and slipping and sliding…the separation of players in just that alone.” That’s not a novel observation for many in the FPS space. Respawn Studios has always prided itself on the strength of Apex Legends’ mobility capabilities. Doc could have finally found a game that challenges him to the limits of his talent.

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