Pokemon Go Glitch Unleashes Monstrous Cubchoo During Gym Battle

A participant in Pokemon Go has exposed a strange bug that, when activated, transforms a harmless Cubchoo into a monstrous monster. The problem occurs at the same time as several graphical errors that are happening in the mobile software.

A player of Pokemon Go discovered another strange bug while they were exploring Gyms and PokeStops in their local region. Over the past few years, the mobile app has provided fans with a variety of strange mixups and mishaps, including the distortion of Team Go Rocket Grunts, the scrambling of Pokemon textures, and the offering of disturbing model mashes that render certain species unknown.

A few of these glitches and flaws have caught players of Pokemon Go off guard, despite the fact that the vast majority of them are harmless and can be remedied by simply restarting the app. This has included a visual bug that messed up how squad leaders looked after receiving a clothing update in the year 2023. Now, a trainer has discovered a glitch that appears to be reminiscent of the Sword & Shield video games. The anomaly involves the model of a Gym defender being blown up to epic proportions.

A participant in Pokemon Go gets ready to face off against an enormous Cubchoo.

A player named HollyHeartSun uploaded an image to Reddit and shared it with the community. The image may require some people some time to comprehend.

Trainers playing Pokemon Go will initially be able to see the primary Gym desfenders positioned in readiness to face their opponent. On the other hand, after taking a second look, players will notice that the tip of an enormous Cubchoo head is sticking up through the arena floor. Fans who have commented on the article express the same shock, with one writing, “Dynamax Cubchoo,” and another reporting, “It’s HUGE!”

The player then continues to describe that a Cubchoo Raid was taking place at the time and that a glitch occurred in the visual presentation. The Ice-type monster isn’t a Gym defender; it’s just an unfortunate, supersized spawn that got its head caught in the stop. In spite of the unsettling visual, running into such a surprise while getting ready to challenge a Gym can provide a good laugh and make for a humorous recollection to share with other Pokemon Go fans during events or Community Days.

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