aBeZy Addresses Poor Matchmaking in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play by Taking a Cue from Valorant’s Playbook

aBeZy, a star player for Atlanta FaZe, addressed the problem of poor matchmaking in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play solo by taking a page out of Valorant’s playbook. Since its introduction at the beginning of Season 2 of Modern Warfare 2, Ranked Play has been successful. The competitive game option increased the number of players and helped strengthen the community of people who play Call of Duty competitively.

Treyarch took the initiative with Ranked Play and was lauded for their prompt implementation of changes based on comments from the community and the CDL team. In over a month, the developers have already introduced a new map, banned certain weapons, and removed the ability to tune attachments. The developers also made some adjustments to the way that solitary matchmaking operates, but aBeZy thinks that even more significant changes would make the experience better.

aBeZy recommends putting some limits on party sizes for MW2’s ranked Play

Valorant restricts player groups to a maximum of four players in the competitive game mode by using a premade size limit. The programmers claimed that “it tends to leave the remaining solo match player on a team with an experience that is less than desirable.” Players can queue up as complete five-person teams, but doing so reduces up to 90% of their skill points for winning matches and a reduction of up to 25% for winning games overall. Entire teams will only be matched with other parties of five, so finding a partner for them will take significantly more time.

aBeZy is a fan of the way competitive Play is handled in Valorant and has made the following recommendation for MW2 Ranked Play: “You would only be able to duo queue once you reach crimson/iridescent, but if you want to 4 stack, you can, but you have to play other four stacks and get less SR. Pretty much like Val.”

A background upgrade was made available by Treyarch precisely two days after aBeZy issued a call to action. The developers of the game stated that the update “improves the competitiveness of battle when solo players are put into a match against parties.”

Treyarch elaborated that the development group will continue to make adjustments to guarantee “that both solo and party play are competitively viable.” Due to the fact that the modification is an upgrade to the background, players need to be made aware of the specifics of the changes that have been made to matchmaking.

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