Modern Warfare 2 Fans Rejoice Over Latest Weekly Playlist Upgrade

The Call of Duty community does not always agree on whether or not a change should be made in Modern Warfare 2, but the most recent upgrade to the weekly playlist has caused players to be happy. Infinity Ward has come under fire for the way it handled the playlists for the Modern Warfare 2 game. Different gameplay options are rotated in and out by the developers every week. Some players have become frustrated. They are unable to log in and play their preferred choice because they only sometimes have access to all game modes.

Even though Shipment has its fair story of critics, members of the community still voice their displeasure when the map is left out of a weekly playlist rotation. Several players were dissatisfied with Infinity Ward’s decision to do away with the well-liked 10v10 match format. Players unhappy with the previous installment couldn’t find anything to gripe about this time because Infinity Ward gave the fans exactly what they desired.

Players of Modern Warfare 2 are excited about the stacked weekly selection

On March 29, Infinity Ward presented players with a fresh batch of game options to sink their teeth into. Fans who prefer larger-scale combat with 10v10 combat or those seeking to grind camos on Shipment will be pleased to know that the developers have left no stone unturned in their efforts to appease them.

On March 29, Himmelmatt Expo was selected to take the Al Bagra Fortress Control position in Ranked Play. The developers have decided to extend Himmelmatt Expo 24/7 for an additional week in order to accommodate fans of competitive play who want to brush up on their own knowledge of the new map before jumping into a Ranked battle.

When they saw the new playlist, fans of Modern Warfare, two couldn’t contain their enthusiasm on Reddit, and they didn’t even try. When I saw the updated selection, it made me cry a little bit. I adore it.” Another user chimed in and said, “this is the greatest. It’s all wonderful to me.” Others among the followers chose to celebrate the event sparingly because they were aware that another playlist update was just around the corner. It is not a pleasant experience when the developers only let you enjoy the game for one week out of every month.

In spite of the fact that these game modes won’t be around eternally, players should at least make an effort to take advantage of their favorites while they still have the chance.

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