Pokemon Go community rallies in support of rural and disabled players impacted by Remote Raid Pass changes

The Pokemon Go community has come together to support gamers in remote areas and with disabilities impacted by the Remote Raid Pass adjustments. Since Niantic made the news on March 30, 2023, the topic of the most recent upgrade to Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go has dominated the community.

Players opposed the update in a number of ways, including by creating a sizable Change.org petition and even by fully uninstalling the game, as many believed the changes were detrimental to the gameplay experience overall. Pokemon Go gamers are speaking out in favor of the players who will be most impacted by the changes, including those who are disabled and reside in rural areas of the world now that they have officially arrived.

Pokemon Go players express support for rural and disabled players

There has been a lot of conversation on social media regarding these groupings of players, and gamers have expressed their opinions about how these changes may affect their favorite pastime moving ahead.

Thanks to one trainer’s sincere and considerate reaction, a thread on the Pokemon Go subreddit titled “Thank you – From a Disabled, Rural Player” received a lot of attention from fans. Also, the author of the piece discusses their problems with a disability, the challenges of playing Pokemon Go as a disabled player, and why they believe the restrictions on Remote Raid Passes are unfair.

In addition, the trainer thanks the community for showing they care at the end of the message, which is well worth reading. “I want to thank you for speaking up for myself, those who are similar to me, and others who cannot play the way Niantic wants us to.  People in similar circumstances also expressed their gratitude and support in the comments. Also, some trainers even shared tales of friends and family members who felt adversely affected by the new adjustments.

“Here’s a level 50 urban player. I spent several hours playing this game. I couldn’t stomach how angry this made my crippled cousin, who adored this video game. Also, if Niantic hears from us, I will reinstall. Over the past few days, well-known Pokemon fans have voiced their concerns about these modifications and the possible harm they may do, including the Bulbagarden development team and accessibility advocates like Steven Spohn of AbleGamer.

Trainers should continue to politely express their concerns in the hopes that change will eventually occur, even if there is no certainty Niantic will go back on the alterations made to Remote Raid Passes.

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