Rumors of CLG’s Shutdown: The Uncertain Future of CLG and the Impact on Players and Staff

The future of CLG is gravely in jeopardy as rumors of its closure have been circulating, and players and staff have announced their exit from the club. Established in 2010 by professional League of Legends player George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis, the company has been around for more than ten years. Since then, the group has significantly expanded and established itself as a top organization in the LCS. It is a competitor to be taken seriously in titles like Counter-Strike and Apex Legends and a pillar of the fighting game scene.

Recent reports, however, suggested that CLG no longer exists. The future could be better for this traditional organization, as sources claim they’ll give their LCS berth to NRG and abandon all further esports endeavors. Following an official statement from CLG founder Greg Kim, former members of the organization’s staff and players have emphasized how happy they were to have been a part of CLG and how sorry they are to be leaving that chapter of their lives behind.

Players and staff at CLG regret leaving the organization

A large company like CLG needs a lot of workers to stay afloat. The closure of an organization with this much behind it results in many job losses among social media managers, marketing, merchandise, operations, and the team working with the athletes who represent the brand. Many (now ex-) CLG employees have announced their layoffs on Twitter and that they are starting a new chapter in their life.

In a blog post, Greg Kim detailed what two years of organization leadership had meant to him. Even in the event that the organization he oversaw closed down, he ended his role with a modicum of hope for the industry’s future.

“I hope this week’s events spur constructive dialogue rather than negativity. I believe in the underlying notion that esports will continue to exist as long as people like playing competitive video games. Danielle Fox, the former head of marketing for CLG, at least managed to ‘crack a lighthearted joke about the layoffs, joking, “We got bud light aced.

Since then, he has declared his free agency. The League of Legends players still need to follow suit, consistent with reports that the vertical will continue for the time being. Nevertheless, some players have tweeted indistinct statements about the future of CLG and their careers as professional athletes.

According to CEO Andy Miller, the LCS will be taken over by NRG and re-entered.

He said they would maintain the League of Legends vertical CLG and their current LCS squad. Additionally, he has said that as soon as Riot permits it, they will replace all of the CLG logos with NRG.

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