Pokemon Go players unhappy with Niantic’s plans to increase cost and decrease daily uses of Remote Raid Passes

Following the news that prices would rise and daily uses would decrease, players of the Pokemon Go app believe that developer Niantic is overcharging for the Remote Raid Pass. The community of Pokemon Go has expressed displeasure over the developer’s intentions to increase the cost of Remote Raid Passes and reduce the number of daily uses.

While some trainers have already said farewell to Pokemon Go in advance of the April 6 update, others have begun a massive Change.org petition to alert Niantic. Now, some players are speculating that Niantic is merely threatening to raise the price of the Remote Raid Pass to stir up outcry before lowering the price slightly to persuade trainers to spend more money overall.

Pokemon Go players speculate about potential alterations to the Remote Raid Pass

The Remote Raid Pass nerfs have drawn a lot of attention on the Pokemon Go subreddit, where some users have concocted hypotheses about Niantic’s future intentions in response to the posts surrounding them. In less than 24 hours, a user’s thread with the caption “Tinfoil hats on: Hanke is playing 4D chess with us” received nearly 2,000 upvotes. The article included a meme that basically claimed Niantic increased the cost of the Remote Raid Pass in order to stir up controversy.

The fan goes on to say that in response to the outcry, Niantic should reduce the cost of the Remote Raid Pass from 195 Pokecoins to 150 Pokecoins, where players would rejoice at the “lower price” even though they would still be spending 50% more than before.

Another post on the same subreddit put forth a different theory, claiming that data miners had found that the prices for Remote Raid Passes were meant to be 150 Pokecoins with a 6-per-day cap. This would imply that Niantic’s blog post was designed to incite unwarranted outrage.

PokeMiners, a reputable Pokemon Go data mining team, did discover proof that Niantic had intended to reduce the daily use cap for Remote Raid Passes well in advance of the news. There was no hint, though, that the price was intended to be 150 Pokecoins. Whether or not these fan theories are true remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: fans are dissatisfied with Niantic’s choice to nerf these Passes.

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