Players of Warzone 2 Want Classic Weapons from Warzone 1 to Return in the Sequel

Players of Warzone 2 have expressed their desire to the developers that some of the game’s most recognizable weaponry from the original Warzone be included in the 2022 sequel. Due to the fact that the Call of Duty franchise encompasses a large number of games that are all set in different eras and locations, the grenades, gadgets, and weaponry all have distinct purposes and ways of being used.

It should come as no surprise that players have favorites from among the various games, and many of them are hoping that their old reliable will be brought back into the mix, particularly for Warzone 2, which will be supported for a significantly more extended period than the typical yearly Call of Duty titles. In light of this, a user named Lordtone215 on Reddit posed the following question to the members of the r/CODWarzone community: “which older Warzone guns would you like to see come back?”

Along with a few other weapons, Lordtone included the Uzi, Fear 1, and the Amax on his wishlist of weapons that should make a comeback, and his post was met with a lot of other users reminiscing about their favorites from the first segment of the fully-fledged Call of Duty battle royale. Lordtone’s post was met with a lot of other users reminiscing about their choices from the first segment of the fully-fledged Call of Duty battle royal.

Players of Warzone 2 want these weapons from Warzone 1 to make a comeback.

The 2019 Modern Warfare variation of the Kar98k was the overwhelming favorite among those who commented on the post, and it won by a wide margin. The response that received the most votes was “MW Kar-98k.” The following most popular comment says, “Kar 98, and that’s not even a discussion,” and it has received the second highest number of votes.

This goes hand in hand with a recent post we published in which we discussed how players longed for the return of the Kar98k in Warzone 2. But, there are further proposals that the players look favorably upon.

 “The Amax, unaltered in the slightest, precisely as it was when it first appeared on the market. One of the users claims that it was a gun that took some ability to operate.

Oden, AN-94, Bruen, PKM, SwissK, Ram-7, AX-50, FAL, and Milano were some of the firearms that other users suggested, among many additional options. The following third season is almost around the corner. Therefore some of these athletes could have their desires granted. Season 2 introduced a wide array of new weaponry into the game, some of which were remastered versions of weapons that had appeared in earlier segment in the series.

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