Destiny 2 Fans Honor Lance Reddick with Vigils for Commander Zavala; His Wife Expresses Gratitude for Support.

Players of Destiny 2, shortly after learning of the devastating news that Lance Reddick had passed away, got together to attend vigils in honor of Commander Zavala, the character that Reddick had portrayed for nearly a decade. His wife is grateful to the players for the outpouring of support they have shown for her late husband, and she has gone out of her way to express her gratitude to them.

When Lance Reddick passed away, his admirers expressed their condolences and support for him in their unique ways, shocking many people who were fans of his on-screen and in-game performances as an actor.

Destiny 2 fans have chosen to assemble around Commander Zavala, the character that Reddick portrayed from the first game in the Destiny series, and hold vigils with him. In addition, some of his most iconic appearances have filled social media. Stephanie Reddick, married to the late actor Lance Reddick, has expressed her gratitude to the Destiny community for their gushing of love and support in the wake of his untimely death.

The support of Destiny fans is much appreciated, says Lance Reddick’s wife.

Throughout his impressive acting career, Reddick was responsible for significant change. He had a diverse and unforgettable set of appearances across a wide variety of media, from on-screen appearances in the John Wick films or The Wire to his utilizes in games such as Sylens in the Horizon sequence and Commander Zavala in Destiny. His appearances ranged from movies to television shows to video games.

Players of the video game Destiny, in particular, were shocked and upset by the news because the character Commander Zavala’s voice has accompanied them on a variety of journeys within the Destiny universe. Stephanie Reddick especially acknowledged the players of Destiny 2 in a tweet in which she expressed her thanks for the support she received from Lance’s followers all across the world. She praised the gamers for the creative way they honored her late husband.

“Thank you to the tens of thousands of players of Destiny who participated in the special event to honor Lance. You were the only one that Lance Reddick loved as much as he loved the game. It was reported that a large number of players were seen conducting vigils and that they were utilizing their in-game emotes to put their weapons down and observe a moment of reverence for the renowned actor.

Bungie, the company that was responsible for developing Destiny, also took the time to put out a news to communicate just how invested Lance was in his position as Commander Zavala and the zeal he had to put his best foot forward throughout the years that he’d been working with the team. Bungie said they wanted to ensure everyone knew how much Lance cared about the role.

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