Riot Games Plans Another Killjoy Nerf Amidst Ongoing Dominance in Valorant

According to a Twitter account called Valorant leaks, Riot Games is working on yet another Killjoy nerf. Killjoy is still one of the most potent Agents, both on the professional and the casual levels. The most recent VCT LOCK/IN competition saw the Sentinel Agent get the most excellent pick rate with a score of 70%. The two maps in which she had a pick rate lower than 75% were Split (14%) and Fracture (55%).

Killjoy presently has the second-highest win rate in matchmaking, with a score of 50.5%; the only team with a higher win rate is Brimstone, which has a score of 50.6%. According to the Twitter account for ValorLeaks, Riot Games is now working on another nerf to Killjoy for an upcoming patch. Presumably, this is due to the numbers that were just revealed. There has yet to be any information provided regarding the specifics of the nerf, including when it will go into effect or what will be altered.

Killjoy is going to get nerfed while Agent continues to perform exceptionally well

Killjoy was severely weakened in the previous patch, version 6.03, released in February. The health of the Agent’s Turret was decreased from 125 to 100, and the point cost of its final ability was raised by one. Riot stated in the patch notes that these modifications were implemented because Killjoy has become the “premier Sentinel Agent in the game” as a result of the severe nerfs that were applied to Chamber.

It would appear that those adjustments were insufficient since Riot plans to apply additional nerfs to her in the near future. The announcement was met with a range of responses from members of the Valorant community. There are those who believe the Agent does not warrant any further reductions in power, while others have advocated for a complete rework of the Sentinel-class in general.

Only four players in the game currently have the Agent class designation of Sentinel, making it the classification with the fewest occurrences overall. Players have a choice between five or six different characters when it comes to using other Agent classes such as Duelist, Initiator, and Controller.

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