Players of Pokemon Go Disappointed with Lack of Incentives in Go Tour: Hoenn Event

Players of Pokemon Go are dissatisfied with the lack of incentives available during the Go Tour: Hoenn event because it is a global free celebration, whereas last year’s event required players to purchase tickets.

Players of Pokemon Go have expressed concern over the upcoming Go Tour: Hoenn event throughout the past few weeks. Many people are concerned about whether or not it will be worthwhile to participate in the celebration because there were problems during the in-person event in Las Vegas, as well as a lack of bought tickets for the Global event that will take place on February 25 and 26.

Reports have already indicated problems with Raids and dissatisfaction with the limited number of shiny items that players can obtain from featured encounters. The event is currently running in several regions of the world. To compound matters, the event offers no bonuses, leaving players with little incentive to participate and forcing them to grind experience, hatch eggs slowly, and engage in other tedious activities.

Many players of Pokemon Go have resorted to social media to bring attention to the event’s omission of specific bonuses and to question the reasoning behind Niantic’s decision to do so, given that these incentives have been a mainstay of the game’s major events for years.

Players of Pokemon Go slammed Niantic for not including event incentives in their game

The player known as Thepokegohunter_ provided additional information regarding the Go Tour: Hoenn competition in a post uploaded to the r/pokemongo subreddit.

Many people have pointed out that there need to be more benefits, despite the fact that there are a large number of Pokemon to locate, like Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. One player asserts, “Com days have more bonuses than this event, and they take place more frequently than once per 12 weeks,” while another responds, “So wait, there is no dust/egg distance bonus?” Are regionals locked behind 10km eggs? No trade bonus?”

Fans of Pokemon Go have also flocked to Twitter, where one user, LargeJoey 2005, has shared a meme that draws parallels between the Hoenn Tour and the Johto Tour events.

Fans of the mobile game may not find the Go Tour: Hoenn event to be the most satisfying because the weather is less than ideal in many regions and because the lack of benefits turns gameplay into a grind. Despite these issues, the event is still available to play.

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